6-Meter Line Shots – Combo for Low, High and Middle Save Reactions


This is one of the combo shooting drills for working on lateral movement and proper positioning for wide shooting positions for shots from 6-meter line, and for save reactions of low, high and middle shots from those wide positions.

As always: please, first make sure that your goalkeeper is able to perform properly all of the separated elements of goalkeeper technique for all these save reactions, before making the whole combo drill. First you need to work on all separated elements of this combo: on save reactions for low, high and middle shots from 6-meter line. Only after your goalkeeper is able to make all these save reactions properly, then you can proceed to the whole combo drill.

After you see the needed progression with your goalkeeper and when you see that they have correct movement in basic stance while going “into” the shots from 6-meter line, if they have explosive and agile movements, if they are “attacking” the ball, then you can proceed with this whole combo drill. Otherwise it will make no sense to use it with a goalkeeper who is still not capable to make properly all separated elements of this combo drill. Please do not just “copy/paste” this exercise if you are working with young goalkeepers, and if you didn’t teach them properly all separated elements for this combo drill.





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