Combo drill – movement in basic stance with audio and visual stimuli



In this video you can see few variations of one of my basic combo drills for practicing movement in basic stance and stimulation of vestibular system in combination with audio and visual stimuli.


In the first variation of this drill there is sideways movement in goalkeeper basic stance and then on audio stimuli (whistle) change of the direction of movement and additional footwork task (in this case that is “in and out” drill with feet). On the next audio stimuli (whistle) comes 360 degree jump turn to the right side and then landing in proper basic stance.


It happens very often that goalkeepers will put their hands down before or during the turn jump, so this is one of the things you want to pay attention to in this part of the drill. Also, pay attention to the position of their legs (knees and ankles) during the landing after the jump.

You want your goalkeeper to be able to perform this 360 degree turn jump to the right and then afterwards also to the left side.
We want to have the alternation of sides of the turn because of the usual “side dominance” that all goalkeepers have, and naturally – we want to work also on non-dominant side.


In the second variation of the drill we are adding more tasks to the first – basic version.
So basically, after the goalkeeper lands in basic stance after 360 degree turn jump to the left side, next task is reaction to the visual stimuli: they need to react first high save reaction to the opposite side from the one I showed them with lifting up my hand. After that first high reaction comes middle step and high save reaction to the other side.


In third variation of the drill in the video you can see second variation but with the 360 degree turn jump to the right side. Again: working on both dominant and non dominant side of the turn jump.


In second and third variation of the drill you want to pay attention that your goalkeeper is performing properly high save reactions.


There is no point in doing this combo drill if your goalkeeper is still struggling with basic elements of it. So, to make it more simple, you can break the drill in all separated elements and work on each of them separately until your goalkeeper is able to perform them all properly. Then you can go to the whole combo drill.



Goalkeepers in the video: Sonja Koskinen and Linnea Back, both Finnish women’s national team goalkeepers.



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