Cognitive challenge in handball goalkeeper training

A goalkeeper warm up before shooting with handballs can be used for footwork combined with some additional cognitive tasks that are highly valuable for every position in handball (or in any other sport), but especially for handball goalkeepers: the speed of information processing and speed of decision making.


In this video, a goalkeeper is reacting with fast leg swings on different cognitive tasks on TestYou brain training system (every time on a different given color or a number or a symbol).

On a random, unexpected audio stimuli,  goalkeeper needs to add vestibular system stimulation – 180 degrees jump turn (once to the left side, next time to the right side).

Right upon landing after the jump turn, there will be another task: the other goalkeeper or a coach will show with fingers (of one or both hands) an even or an odd number (there are different  following tasks for odd and for even numbers). So depending on which number will be shown, the goalkeeper needs to make a fast decision and perform a different set of movements.

Combinations of options of save movements that can be done in this exercise are literally endless, as well as the choice of stimuli (audio, visual or tactile), and also there can be added an additional cognitive load, too.

With TestYou brain training system, you get to work on a more challenging level of brain training, because you are not reacting only on a given color of the light on a semaphore, but you have to react on a specific symbol (that can be a number, a letter or a symbol) and also on a specific color. While all along, colors and symbols are mixed up and you really need to be able to engage your brain, to ignore the irrelevant information, decide fast and react with proper reaction on a given color and symbol.

It’s challenging, fun and extremely efficient! 🙂



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