A month after the end of the 28th IHF Men’s World Championship, I am still cherishing and appreciating the opportunity of being able to take part at such a big competition as a goalkeeper coach in our senior men’s national team of Republic of Korea.

Together with our team, our goalkeepers, our coaching staff, all the wonderful people from the Korean Handball Federation who supported us unconditionally, with all the work that we all did, with the intense competition schedule, all the travel, relocations and adaptations, I got to learn immensely many, big and amazing life lessons through that whole experience.

I couldn’t get a better, more experienced, more knowledgeable and more focused coaching team with me than Rolando Freitas and Herlander Silva to go through such a big competition!



I am endlessly grateful for the opportunity that was given to me to learn and grow on so many levels. 🙂

There are a lot of things at the World Championship that helped us grow as a team, and now we are continuing our work, towards our next goals, with new ambitions and new strength! 🙂


Dream big!

Always remember, you are worthy of all your dreams and goals!

For as long as you are ready to work fiercely and devotedly towards your goals, keep your focus, take care of your body and mind along the way, you will accomplish your dreams! 🙂

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