Saves of low shots in handball
In this video you can see one of the many corrective exercises for the side step […]
Goalkeeper sliding technique
HOW TO LEARN A SLIDING SAVE TECHNIQUE   How the proper sliding save technique looks like? […]
Sliding Video Course
SLIDING TECHNIQUE VIDEO COURSE How the proper sliding technique looks like? What are the most common […]
Vanja Radic Coaching Cartwheel
CARTWHEEL WITH A LOW SIDE STEP SAVE COMBO Once you understand how the proper technique for […]
Handball Goalkeeper Technique Training
HANDBALL GOALKEEPER TECHNIQUE TRAINING There are a several important things that every coach needs to understand […]
Handball Goalkeeper Technique
HOW TO WORK ON A BASIC HANDBALL GOALKEEPER TECHNIQUE “I have no experience in goalkeeping and […]
Handball Goalkeeper - Combo drill
In this video you can see one of my favorite combo drills for work on vestibular […]
Handball Goalkeeper Basic Technique in Warm Up
HANDBALL GOALKEEPER BASIC TECHNIQUE IN WARM UP I love making different combinations of exercises that can […]
Combo of side step and sliding for low saves
This exercise consists of two low save reactions of shots from a long distance: side step […]
Hip mobility drill for saves of low shots
This exercise is a great option for hip flexor warm up, that you can use as […]
Combo for low saves
In this video you can see one of the combo drills that I Iike to work […]
Shooting low save combo with vestibular system stimulation
In this video you can see a shooting low save combo drill with different difficulties levels […]
Combo exercise with resistance band for saves of low and high shots
Here is one of the combo exercises for save reactions of low and high shots. This […]
Combo for saves of low and high shots from 9m
Here is one of the combo exercises for save reactions on low and high shots from […]
Working on anticipation and reactions on 9 meters shots from the step, with limited visual input, […]
180 degree jump turn and side step low save reaction   Clean and proper technique should […]
Double lateral push off step from the same leg This is one of my new combo […]
Low save reaction from kneeling position   This is one of the exercises for low save […]
High and low saves with medicine ball     In this video you can see two […]
Shooting combo for saves of high and low shots   This is the result when players […]
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