Handball is Teaching Us Big Life Lessons   Saves of penalty shots are always a great […]
Coaching at the 28th IHF Men’s World Championship A month after the end of the 28th […]
Handball Dreams Do Come True We have our first game today at the 28th World Championship, […]
Working Hard in Working Smart It’s not always only about working hard. So much more often, […]
The Topic of Depression in Sport The topic of depression in sport is something that I […]
Never Give Up On Your Dreams! “One day people will look at you and say: be […]
Transform failure into feedback
Transform Failure Into Feedback As a coach, you can (and you should!) always help your athletes […]
The importance of adopting proper habits is crucial in the process of achieving any goal!   […]
Self-confidence in young athletes – believe in them so strongly that when they look at you, […]


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