Rectus femoris stretch - handball goalkeeper
Studies that examine muscular activation have shown that the rectus femoris muscle is very active during […]
Here are few variations of the knee internal and external rotations with mini band. Exercise 1 […]
CONCUSSIONS IN HANDBALL   WARNING: Concussions in handball is such an extremely important topic and this is […]
Hip flexor and glute activation exercises with mini band   We all know how extremely important […]
As coaches who work with young athletes-we are carrying great responsibility! Not knowing how we are […]
Don’t forget to pay attention on the knee position of your young goalkeeper (or handball player) […]
fingertip push-ups
THE 2ND EHF SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE This article about the finger injury prevention in handball that I […]
For the prevention of injuries in handball it is essential to be familiar with some of […]
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