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Once you understand how the proper technique for saves of high, middle or low shots from 9 meters looks like and what are the most common mistakes, it will be easy for you to design and create your own ideas for exercises through which you will be able to work on proper technique with your goalkeepers.

Proper goalkeeper technique should be imperative for every coach in the beginning of work with young goalkeepers, because it enables a good basis for all the work that has to come afterwards.

Also, it’s much easier to teach young goalkeepers proper technique, than to work on correcting the wrongly learned technique.

In this video, you can see two options of combo exercises for saves of low shots from 9 meters that you should use later in progression with your goalkeepers.



First you need to make sure that your goalkeeper can manage well separate elements of these combo exercises, which are: 1) the cartwheel and 2) the side step low reaction.

Cartwheels are a good demonstration of the overall coordination and agility, and they can also show us where our athletes are lacking in particular areas of strength and flexibility.

Including cartwheels in any of the drills with your goalkeepers is a great idea. Beside the fact that it adds a bigger challenge for your goalkeepers, it also targets the vestibulo-ocular system, dexterity and spatial awareness, all of which are extremely important for goalkeepers.

Once you learn how the proper goalkeeper technique looks like, what are the most common mistakes in any of the technique elements, and how to correct them – you will feel empowered and encouraged as a coach to create your own ideas for goalkeeper exercises.

You will also feel way more empowered to work with goalkeepers in your training!

In this video, you can see the first version of a cartwheel exercise, where the goalkeeper is doing the side step low save right away after landing, from the same place where the cartwheel finished.

In the second version of the exercise, the goalkeeper is doing a middle step before the side step low save.


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