HANDBALL GOALKEEPER TRIANING – ACTIVE STRETCHING In the video below, you can see a few exercises […]
Leg kick save movement
LEG KICK SAVE MOVEMENT ON STEP BOARDS In this video are two combo exercises on step […]
Agility Ladder Drills
AGILITY LADDER DRILLS IN HANDBALL GOALKEEPER TRAINING   I love using the agility ladder drills in […]
Viktor Gísli Hallgrímsson – Handball Goalkeeper Training I had the pleasure of getting the chance to […]
Handball Goalkeeper Technique Training
HANDBALL GOALKEEPER TECHNIQUE TRAINING There are a several important things that every coach needs to understand […]
Saves of high shots – reactions with hands
SAVES OF HIGH SHOTS This video is such a beautiful reminder from Norway, from December 2019, […]
The role and importance of a handball goalkeeper
THE ROLE AND IMPORTANCE OF A HANDBALL GOALKEEPER In my self-paced Level 1 online course, besides […]
Saves of high shots from 6 meters line
Saves of high shots from 6 meters line Here is one of the exercises that you […]
Combo exercise for saves of high shots
Handball Goalkeeper Training – Saves of high shots   In this video you can see one […]
Vanja Radic Coaching Level 1 Online Course
Vanja Radic Coaching self-paced Level 1 online course NEW STRUCTURE OF MY LEVEL 1 ONLINE COURSE […]
Handball Goalkeeper Technique
HOW TO WORK ON A BASIC HANDBALL GOALKEEPER TECHNIQUE “I have no experience in goalkeeping and […]
Vanja Radic Coaching Course Feedback
Video feedback for my Level 1 Online Course Here is another feedback video from one of […]
Handball Goalkeeper - Combo drill
In this video you can see one of my favorite combo drills for work on vestibular […]
HOW TO BE A BETTER COACH Majority of handball goalkeeper courses or educations are based on […]
Benefits of mental training for athletes
MENTAL TRAINING FOR ATHLETES Mental training for athletes has always been something that deeply interested me […]
Core and back strength on stall bars
CORE AND BACK STRENGTH ON STALL BARS Stall bars (also called wall bars, stall walls, Swedish […]
Mindset training for handball goalkeepers
MINDSET TRAINING FOR HANDBALL GOALKEEPERS This was very interesting and a great lecture that I had […]
Maximizing shooting warm up time for goalkeepers
MAXIMIZING SHOOTING WARM UP TIME FOR GOALKEEPERS Are you maximizing a shooting warm up time with […]
Level 1 Online Course, January 2022
I have been updating and organizing things on my website, so if you want to get […]
Vanja Radic Coaching Level 1 Online Course Feedback
Vanja Radic Coaching Level 1 Video Course Feedback In this video you can see a feedback […]
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