Eye hand coordination drill with cards This is fun way to practice eye hand coordination with […]
Importance of hip mobility for handball goalkeepers   As handball goalkeepers, if we want to perform […]
Don’t forget to pay attention on the knee position of your young goalkeeper (or handball player) […]
Jump rope drills in handball goalkeeper training Handball is connected with the constant movement, change of […]
fingertip push-ups
THE 2ND EHF SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE This article about the finger injury prevention in handball that I […]
For the prevention of injuries in handball it is essential to be familiar with some of […]
If you are a coach, in the truest sense of the word, then by extension you […]
Hurdle Drills in Handball Goalkeeper Training   All of these hurdle drills are great hip flexor and […]
Here are different, basic ladder drills which you can implement in handball goalkeeper training. Ladder agility […]
  Role and importance of a goalkeeper in handball Goalkeeper is the most important player for […]
You can use inner part of old handball ball which you planned to throw away and […]
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