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Even though there is not enough of scientific data to confirm this, agility ladder drills are known as a good addition to improve and to work on some aspects of agility, footwork, quickness, balance, and coordination.
Mostly, agility ladder can improve foot contact, body control, rhythm, coordination, foot/lower-leg stiffness, and CNS activation – all of which can translate into more effective movement in any sport.
Ladder Agility Drills Video
The real effectiveness of agility ladder depends on the user. The truth is that many coaches often either overuse or incorrectly use the agility ladder. The goal with using the ladder should be to develop an awareness and framework of how the foot contacts the ground, rhythm, body positioning, shin angles, and foot stiffness.
Agility ladder drills challenge the body to adapt to new muscle patterns and improve proprioceptive ability, as well as to enable better footing during athletic performance.
For agility ladder drills to be truly effective, coaches should challenge their athletes with drills that they are not familiar with, with patterns that sometimes feel unknown and awkward, and with drills that require them to slow down and think about what they are doing.
We can get this by using the novelty approach – by using new, unknown patterns of movements. This was one of the main guiding thoughts that I had while I was creating this agility ladder drills video compilation with 102 drills.
Besides many known physical benefits of agility ladder training, there are also several cognitive benefits, and exactly the cognitive benefits of the agility ladder drills were my main focus when I was creating this video compilation.
This is a 1hr and 16 min long compilation video with 102 agility ladder drills.
There is also an accompanying PDF with the list of all drills and time stamps for each drill that you’ll get when you purchase the video compilation.
To read more about the agility ladder drills video compilation, and to purchase, please visit this link.


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