Self-confidence in young athletes – believe in them so strongly that when they look at you, they start to believe in themselves too!!! 😊❤

There is something truly magical in the moment when you, as a coach, realize that you helped them push that little button called “self-confidence” and when they become aware of their own power! Because you know this will help them not only in sport, but also in life!

Today was one of those days for me! 😊

Meet Noa, 2004 born goalkeeper.
In the past 15 months, Noa has visited 5 of my goalkeeper camps.
We have gone through many important topics and things about handball goalkeeping. One of the first things I told her during our first goalkeeper camp 15 months ago was: “I want to see you in the national team one day!”
“But I suck in the goal!”, she told. And I remember so clearly the look she had in her eyes when she told me that. She was so serious, she really meant and felt like that.

I told her right away about the importance of believing in oneself and if she is willing to put some effort, focus and hard work – we can make it happen!

And here she is, 15 months and 5 goalkeeper camps later, even though her team ended up winning the third place in final four weekend, she is selected as an All Star Team goalkeeper! But even more important than that award is the fact that now she Believes in herself!!!!

I couldn’t feel more happy and proud of her, not only because of her goalkeeping success, but because now she has an “inner trophy” for life that is worth more than thousand medals!!!!!


Have this in mind always when working with young athletes, help them see their own Brilliance!! 😊😊😊

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