Video course announcement – saves of low shots from 9m


As I already announced earlier – I am preparing the video course for goalkeeper coaches and for goalkeepers!

The topic of this video course is “Saves of low shots from 9m”.
I will show you my way of work with young goalkeepers, all the steps of progression in teaching low save reactions, methodology, most common mistakes and suggestion of exercises for correction of wrong learned technique.

In addition, the video course will have an introductory part with a detailed explanation of the basic stance, movement in the basic stance, the angles of the goal, as well as the most common mistakes that young goalkeepers are making in the basic stance, during the movement in the basic stance and during the execution of low save reactions.

There will be a lot of advises and corrective exercises to improve the wrong learned technique for saves of low shots from nine meters.



Soon I will publish all the details about order and purchase of the video course. It will be digital – so very fast accessible, on any device, at any time, anywhere in the world!


And feel free to share the info about this interesting and new project!


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