180 degree jump turn and side step low save reaction


Clean and proper technique should ALWAYS BE NR 1 PRIORITY when working with young goalkeepers!

Here are some of my Danish “ninjas” in action from our camp in the beginning of June.




In this video you can see 180 degree jump turn and side step low save reaction – one of the exercises that I love to use in progression for low save reactions with the side step.
In this version of the exercise we have done 180 degree jump turn to the left side and then side step low reaction to the other (right) side, and then next combinations to alternate sides (turn jump to the right side and then side step to the left side…).


This exercise includes additional activation of vestibular system, and you can use it only after your goalkeeper is able to perform properly separate elements of this whole drill.
Meaning: jump turn for 180 degrees has to start from basic stance and to be done in basic stance, without putting hands down during the take off, jump turn or landing.
Pay attention to proper landing (position of feet and body overall).
After performing proper jump turn, without any middle steps, goalkeeper performs proper low save reaction with the side step.

Most important for proper side step low reaction is: deep enough side step, reacting foot should move sideways close to the floor, not to come from up! The most common mistake is that goalkeepers are stepping with their reacting foot from up – and then by the time they react in that way, the ball already goes under their foot into the goal!

Another common mistake is that some goalkeepers bend their upper body forward during the side step reaction, compensating with that for lack of the hip mobility or hamstring flexibility.

Reacting hand should be positioned in a way that it covers the space above and outside from the reacting foot.
The first goalkeeper in this video has his reacting hand just in front of the reacting leg in first and third repetition, so that should be corrected, but then in second repetition position of the hand is as it should be.
With additional ability to “prolong” the movement of that reacting hand towards the space in front of the toes of reacting foot, if and when it would be needed, but for this your goalkeeper needs to have good hip mobility!


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