I am more than honored and proud to announce a very big and important partnership and cooperation with the most advanced and innovative brain training system that currently  exists on the market: TestYou Brain Training System!



TestYou Brain Training System came out on market in December 2017 and right away it’s taking over any other similar products because of its advanced options and possibilities!

Which is completely understandable, considering all of the options it has, speed of charging, working time, combination of motion sensor but also an audio stimuli!!!



In this cooperation and partnership with TestYou, I am very excited to explore and present endless possibilities for training the brain and brain speed in handball and sport overall!


After working on proper technique and physical components, what will in the end make the difference for any athlete to excel in any sport is the ability to improve the speed of information processing and to make the fastest the best possible decision – output!

I was always fascinated by this fact and I have spent many years researching and testing how this can be achieved, so I can say that TestYou brain training system is the perfect answer on this question!


Training with TestYou Brain Training System improves:

  • decision time
  • peripheral vision
  • reaction time
  • coordination
  • speed
  • agility
  • learning ability
  • and much more…


I am looking forward to getting my hands on the system in a few days, after which I can show you all how amazing the system really is!

If you want to find out more about options and prices of the TestYou system, please send an e-mail to: contact@testyou.pl

If you would like to use the discount code in value of 100€, then send the code VR100PC together with your order to the same e-mail address!





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