This is one of the exercises with resistance band for saves of high shots from […]
Speed of decision making – I have tried to make simple illustration about 3 main steps […]
Few tips for the wing saves   How to close or open desired angle in the […]
High save reaction from kneeling squat jump   This is one of the more advanced exercises […]
X-jump save for the 6 meters shots       This is one of the exercises […]
Handball Goalkeeper Camps in Finland   In January 2017 we have started an initiative and we […]
High and low saves with medicine ball     In this video you can see two […]
Shooting combo for saves of high and low shots   This is the result when players […]
Long pass after fast low reactions Here is one little combo with fast getting up and […]
Resistance mini bands – hip flexor activation    Here are two exercises with mini resistance bands […]
Combo of low, high and middle saves of shots from 6m   This is one of […]
One of the exercises for saves of middle shots from 6m Just some ideas and steps […]
Corrective exercise for low saves   This is only one of many exercises that you can […]
Video course announcement – saves of low shots from 9m   As I already announced earlier […]
Handball Goalkeeper Warm up option   This is just one of many ideas for the warm […]
Vision and cognitive training       This was a cognitive challenge which requires multi tasking, […]
Some of the exercises for movement in basic stance   These drills have small elements of […]
Some of the steps in progression for saves of low shots from 9M that you can […]
Combo warm up drill This is one more of my combo warm up drills. This is […]
Middle save reaction warm up drill   One of the warm up drills for middle save […]
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