SplitOut™ is a tribo-tape you attach to the shoe-heel to make the sliding goalkeeper movements easier. The low friction properties allow for a smooth and even slide.

This product is something that EVERY HANDBALL GOALKEEPER NEEDS!

SplitOut™ minimizes the friction between shoe and floor and helps you move faster than regular sports tape. By using SplitOut you will avoid sudden stops during your slide. You can therefore remain in full balance throughout your slide / split movement . You also reduce high loads in the knee and ankle joints. That makes it more comfortable to perform split movements and some goalkeepers has experienced that injuries disappear.

In this video you can check out SplitOut in action! It’s safe and stable for side step movement when saving low shots, and it’s very efficient for sliding movement when reacting on low shots.

IF YOU WANT TO GET THE 10% DISCOUNT WHEN ORDERING SplitOut™ , JUST ADD THE CODE “CoachVanja”  IN YOUR ORDER! You can make an order by following this link.

The discount can be made in the payment – screen. “Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code”.

In this video you can see how to apply SplitOut®

You can read more about SplitOut in one of my previous posts by following this link.

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