MARCH 2018

Handball Goalkeeper Camp in Finland 03. – 04.03.2018.




One more Goalkeeper Camp Vanja Radic Level 5 and Level 2 in Finland is done!

We had a lot of fun in so many different training topics, challenging exercises and some advanced brain training tasks with goalkeepers from Finland, Sweden and Norway!

It’s becoming so easy to organize and execute such a unique and high level of goalkeeper camps in facilities that Kisakallio Sports Institute  has with the strong support of our main camp sponsor Peter Hammarberg and his company !



We have had 2 groups of goalkeepers with 15 goalkeepers in each group.

Group 1 (the older age group) had a Level 5 and Group 2 (a younger one) had a Level 2 in progression of Goalkeeper Camps by a concept made and patented by Handball Goalkeeper Coaching Vanja Radic.

During the weekend there were 4 specific goalkeeper practices and a theory lecture for each group.

Next two goalkeeper camps in Finland will be held in October and November 2018.


Stay tuned for more information!