Handball Goalkeeper Camp in Finland 17. – 18.02.2018.



Once again, it was such an INSPIRING weekend with all the unique and different young goalkeepers from Finland, Norway and Sweden at our Handball Goalkeeper Camp Level 4 and Level 1 that was 17. – 18.02.2018.!!!

Everything went great and I would like to thank one of our most dedicated camp sponsors: Peter Hammarberg and www.FoamDude.fi !

Also big thanks to Kisakallio Sports Institute and Jukka Kataja for a great organization and conditions and to Finnish Handball Federation for support of the project!

We certainly did expand our knowledge!!!


Here you can find more photos from the last weekend



SPECIAL PRESENTATION – Marie Helseth Gresvik



Meet Marie Helseth Gresvik, one of my favorite young Norwegian goalkeepers!

This amazing girl came now for the 4th time in 13 months to Finland from Norway just to work with me on my goalkeeper camps!!
My admiration also goes to Marie’s mother Monica for joining and supporting Marie fully in each of these 4 camps!

I feel so humbled, grateful and honored to be given the chance to work with someone so determined and dedicated to improve and learn!

Can’t wait to watch Marie playing in the national team one day!

I am always inspired with every goalkeeper who is motivated to expand their knowledge and to work so hard!