Handball Goalkeeper Camps in Finland


In January 2017 we have started an initiative and we organized series of goalkeeper camps in Kisakallio, Finland.
The main idea was to offer an environment in which all the goalkeepers can learn, understand, develop and improve.
Our goalkeeper camps in Kisakallio, Finland are extremely unique and designed in different levels / steps of progression which are closely linked and they are continuing one after the other.
The main idea is to offer well structured training and education place for young goalkeepers who are willing to learn, work hard and have fun while doing it!
Every goalkeeper who will go through these 8 levels in about 2 years period will have great basis on which it will be much easier to upgrade and develop further in their own teams.
Not so many other countries have this kind of well developed goalkeeper training system as we offer here!
Our camps are uniquely designed, created, developed, licensed and run by a professional goalkeeper coach with extensive coaching experience – Vanja Radic.
All of our camps have a clear structure and tremendous attention is paid to details in work with young goalkeepers.
In 2018 we will have 4 goalkeeper camps in Kisakallio, Finland.
All 4 camps in 2018 will be made for 2001-2006 born goalkeepers with limited number of participants!
To read more info about October and November camps, age groups, Levels explanations or to register to the camps please visit this link!


If you want to read more about the strategy, idea, goals, levels and topics of our future goalkeeper camps in Finland in 2018, please open this fileGOALKEEPER CAMPS IN FINLAND (PDF)