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Basic level handball goalkeepers camp Turku from 18-20.06.2012 at Samppalinna court, Itäinen Pitkäkatu 45, Turku.

For 14 – 17 years old handball goalkeepers, girls and boys.

  • A unique handball camp for young goalkeepers in Finland.
  • Trainer: Vanja Radíc
  • Emphasis on development of basic goalkeepers technique; work on exercises for technique correction; and coordination.

Goalie Camp Turku 2012 was the first ever special camp for handball goalkeepers in Finland, and now it’s still the only one of its kind in Finland.



Demographics of the Goalie Camp Turku 2012. Demographics made by Jouni Lappi.

Like every other player – a goalkeeper also needs separated approach in educational and training process. The lack of goalie coaches and easy access to the materials and literature related to the area of training, tactic and technique of handball goalkeeper is not optimal for goalies development.

Head coaches are rarely performing specific goalkeeper’s training, and training time subjugates to the other players, which affects negatively on goalkeepers preparation and form.

This is why the Goalie Camp project is great success in Finland and important link in development of the goalkeepers, and also in development of handball.



Participants of Goalie Camp Turku 2012:

  • Mikael Holthoer (1998) BK-46, Ekenäs, Finland
  • Linnéa Back (1996), PIF, Pargas, Finland
  • Mathilda Evers (1997), BK-46, Ekenäs, Finland
  • Suvi Erhovaara (1998), Sparta IF, Helsinki, Finland
  • Janna Karlsson (1997), KyIF, Kirkkonummi, Finland
  • Benjamin Hartman (1998), GrIFK, Espoo, Finland
  • Tia Lehtinen (1998), IFH Atlas, Vantaa, Finland
  • Isabella Paganus (1998), KyIF, Kirkkonummi, Finland
  • Linnea Gareis (1998), KyIF, Kirkkonummi, Finland
  • Milja Lintunen (1996), Atlas, Vantaa, Finland
  • Kajsa Westerlund (1995), KyIF, Kirkkonummi, Finland
  • Jessica Sjöholm (1995), ÅIFK, Turku, Finland
  • Pauliina Peltola (1998) ÅIFK, Turku, Finland
  • Sofie Råholm (1995), ÅIFK, Turku, Finland
  • Ylva Sjolund (1998), BK-46, Ekenäs, Finland
  • Charlotta Roos (1996), GrIFK, Grankulla, Finland
  • Hanna Hannikainen (1994), KyIF, Kirkkonummi, Finland



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