One more exciting cooperation has just started –  this time I am honored to partnership with NeuroTracker and present it’s use in handball goalkeeping and overall in handball world!

The NeuroTracker is a unique software that utilizes three-dimensional multiple object tracking to improve the neural networks governing situational awareness, executive function(s) and cognitive stamina. Training adapts speed and complexity in a way that maximizes your cognitive training at every step.





“NeuroTracker is very excited to collaborate with Vanja Radic and Handball Goalkeeper Coaching. As a cognitive training tool, NeuroTracker delivers short, intense intervals of 3D-MOT (multiple object tracking) designed to improve tactical awareness, information-processing and decision-making speed: all crucial elements when it comes to being the most successful goalkeeper possible in a sport as dynamic and demanding as Handball.” – Benjamin Marien, Director of Business Development in CogniSens Inc.


I am very excited to be able to cooperate with such a big and successful company and to present such advanced product in handball goalkeeping!





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