Warm up can be used for work on footwork combined with some additional cognitive tasks that […]
Shooting low save combo drill with different difficulties levels of vestibular stimulation, including 180 and 360 […]
Here are a few warm up drills ideas, including coordination, footwork, cognitive coordination, eye-hand coordination, brain […]
Here are some of the feet burning ideas for the warm up, which you can use […]
An exercise for double save reaction of different height shots from 6m line.Prior to shooting, a […]
In this video you can see three versions of dynamic knee raises that that can be […]
Here is one of the combo exercises for save reactions on low and high shots from […]
Here are a few versions of the exercise that I like to use in the warm […]
Speed of reaction is a great skill for all athletes! But speed of decision making or […]
High save reaction from kneeling squat jump   This is one of the more advanced exercises […]
Shooting combo for saves of high and low shots   This is the result when players […]
High save reaction over the step board      This is one of the drills you […]
Combo of low, high and middle saves of shots from 6m   This is one of […]
Combo for low saves of 9m shots   This is a bit more advanced idea for combo […]
Low saves combo drill One more combo drill from Vanjo’s “kitchen”! 🙂 This is very demanding […]
Some of the steps in progression for saves of low shots from 9M that you can […]
Combo warm up drill This is one more of my combo warm up drills. This is […]
Combo of high, middle and low save reactions This is one of my combo drills that […]
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