This is one of the many exercises that you can use as part of the warm […]
In this video you can see three versions of dynamic knee raises that that can be […]
Here are few variations of the knee internal and external rotations with mini band. Exercise 1 […]
Here is one of the ideas / ways how to work on hip flexion and rotation […]
6m middle save reaction on Bosu ball     Here you can see combination sideways movement […]
Hip flexor and glute activation exercises with mini band   We all know how extremely important […]
Resistance mini bands – hip flexor activation    Here are two exercises with mini resistance bands […]
Sitting hip mobility drill     Goalkeeper in the video: Joonas Klama, VfL Gummersbach  
90/90 hip mobility leg raise drill   Extending and bending of the leg in 90/90 hip […]
Hurdle drills for save reactions of 6m middle shots In this video you can see some […]
Hip mobility drill   Hip mobility drill in combination with forward lunge.  
One of the exercises for saves of middle shots from 6m Just some ideas and steps […]
Leg tapping One of the versions of leg tapping for handball goalkeepers. Very good exercise for […]
Middle save reaction warm up drill   One of the warm up drills for middle save […]
Importance of hip mobility for handball goalkeepers   As handball goalkeepers, if we want to perform […]
Hurdle Drills in Handball Goalkeeper Training   All of these hurdle drills are great hip flexor and […]
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