I hope you had a chance until now to master the simple version of these cognitive […]
Here is the first, simple version of one kind of cognitive jumps that you can use […]
Here are a few warm up drills ideas, including coordination, footwork, cognitive coordination, eye-hand coordination, brain […]
Here are some of the feet burning ideas for the warm up, which you can use […]
In this video you can see three versions of dynamic knee raises that that can be […]
This is a small part of a vision/cognitive coordination program “Aivox” that I’ve put together a […]
You can always use warm up time to work on coordination combined with some additional cognitive […]
Here are a few versions of the exercise that I like to use in the warm […]
The following is a series of a few warm up resistance exercises combining the exercises with […]
Coordination – ankle touch 3 positions     Always make new challenges when working on coordination! […]
Footwork over the line     Sometimes all the “equipment” you need for the warm up […]
Ladder super drill   This is only one of many ladder drills that we have done […]
Footwork and low save reaction   In this exercise goalkeeper is doing “front cross, back cross” […]
Advanced Ladder Drills Here you can find some of the more advanced drills on the ladders. […]
Footwork over the line   Here are few simple footwork drills over the line that you […]
Step Board Drills in handball goalkeeper training   Some of the step board drills for handball […]
Jump rope drills in handball goalkeeper training Handball is connected with the constant movement, change of […]
Here are different, basic ladder drills which you can implement in handball goalkeeper training. Ladder agility […]
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