“1, 3, 5, BALL”! You can be as creative as you want with this game! […]
Here is one more amazing wing shot save! This time by a goalkeeper Nikola Portner (from […]
As I have explained already several times, in my coaching work I like to split reactions […]
One of the most complicated topics in goalkeeper coaching is proper work on saves of the […]
The better you understand different ways to position and react on different wing shots – the […]
Here is one of the more advanced exercises in progression for full leg split (sliding)for saves […]
180 degree jump turn and side step low save reaction   Clean and proper technique should […]
Visual input quality   Visual input quality should be your number one focus in training!   […]
Speed of reaction is a great skill for all athletes! But speed of decision making or […]
  This is one of the exercises with resistance band for saves of high shots from […]
In organization with badminton club TVS-Sulka, we have had a Vision Training Workshop for tennis and […]
There are several exercises you can develop further from making backwards half roll and stand up […]
Self-confidence in young athletes – believe in them so strongly that when they look at you, […]
    The main sensory system for taking in information from the outside world is the […]
Here are some of the exercises with TestYou Brain Training System on eye-hand-foot coordination with additional […]
  TestYou eye-hand coordination will add more challenge to your usual exercises!   Here are some […]
Convergence is the ability of the eyes to move medially / inwards, towards the nose, the […]
Speed of decision making – I have tried to make simple illustration about 3 main steps […]
TestYou Brain Training System in Handball is one of the best brain speed tools on the […]
Many of you have asked me about NeuroTracker, how it looks like and what it does. […]
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