Here is one of the specific situational exercises options when working on 7 vs 6 play […]
Here are a few versions of the exercise that I like to use in the warm […]
Here is one of the exercise options for leg kick save reaction of middle shots from […]
Here are few variations of the knee internal and external rotations with mini band. Exercise 1 […]
There is no time off for dedicated coaches! 🙂 March 2019 was filled with Finnish youth, […]
Here is one of the ideas / ways how to work on hip flexion and rotation […]
Saves of the wing shots are one of the most complex and demanding topics in work […]
In this video, you can see two options of one of the exercises that you can […]
Many of you have asked me what you can do to get your young goalkeeper to […]
This is one of the exercises in progression when working on “low wall” technique for saves […]
Working on anticipation and reactions on 9 meters shots from the step, with limited visual input, […]
Run into 2019 like this!!  Sometimes for the warm up you don’t need a lot of […]
In modern handball, the role of technology is undeniable. One of the most important things for […]
The importance of adopting proper habits is crucial in the process of achieving any goal!   […]
Being fast is important in handball goalkeeping. Being fast to see the game, being fast to […]
Are you feeling worthless?   There was one interesting situation in one of my camps recently, […]
One more amazing tactical wing shot save! This time by a great goalkeeper Jelena Grubisic (from […]
How fast can a goalkeeper come into the possession of a ball after a save reaction? […]
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