If you are (or if you were) a handball goalkeeper, if you had a concussion caused […]
I am honored and proud that I was invited to take part in the first EHF […]
Step Board Warm Up Drills
There are plenty of different ways to do a warm up for your training. Step boards […]
Saves of low shots in handball
In this video you can see one of the many corrective exercises for the side step […]
Muscle Activation
In the video below are just some of the many activation exercises examples that I like […]
The 19th Asian Games
Every Beginning is exciting! With the Korean men’s national handball team, we are at the beginning […]
Handball Goalkeeper Game Analysis
After a few months of quiet (but busy) work behind the scenes for the national team […]
A month after the end of the 28th IHF Men’s World Championship, I am still cherishing […]
We have our first game today at the 28th World Championship! It is an honor for […]
Working smart
WORKING SMART It’s not always only about working hard. So much more often, it’s about working […]
THE TOPIC OF DEPRESSION IN SPORTS This is the topic that I have been wanting to […]
NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!   “One day people will look at you and say: […]
Vanja Radic Coaching 2022 Year In Review The beginning of winter is always a great opportunity […]
South Korea National Team 2022
SOUTH KOREA GOALKEEPER COACHING – SUMMER 2022 I was “silent” for the last 3 weeks because […]
Eye-hand coordination
EYE-HAND DRILL IN PAIRS In this video, you can find two options of an eye-hand drill […]
Goalkeeper sliding technique
HOW TO LEARN A SLIDING SAVE TECHNIQUE   How the proper sliding save technique looks like? […]
Handball Goalkeeper Coaching
HIGH SAVE REACTION PROGRESSION EXERCISE When you are able to understand and know how the proper […]
Vanja Radic Coaching - EHF Master Coach lecture
Sliding Video Course
SLIDING TECHNIQUE VIDEO COURSE How the proper sliding technique looks like? What are the most common […]
Ladders Agility Video
GET 102 AGILITY LADDER DRILLS IDEAS Even though there is not enough of scientific data to […]
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