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My name is Vanja Radić, and I’m the founder of Handball Goalkeeper Coaching, a place to find a lot of useful tips, videos and articles about handball goalkeeper training.

I was born in Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I have lived in three different countries so far: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Finland. 🙂

Since August 2011 I am located in Turku, Finland.


My coaching job is my Passion!!! 


I truly love what I do and I love working with people from all over the world who are as enthusiastic about handball goalkeeping as I am! I also love traveling, meeting new people and experiencing new and exciting adventures.


I am a tireless seeker of knowledge. My attention to detail is extreme and I love to continually learn what’s new about all things coaching / neuroplasticity / video editing / living happy / or handball-related.


I add a lot of humor to my coaching work. It inspires and motivates me additionally when I am surrounded with happy and smiling people. Also, I believe that Happiness is the meaning of life, and we all give our best when we are in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.


Considering that the goalkeeper coaching was somehow always at the “margin”, without sufficient educational materials, I’ve tried to contribute to that part with many videos and texts published on this web page, on my coaching Facebook page and on my Youtube channel. I hope they are helpful and at least some goalkeeper coaches or goalkeepers can find an inspiration and ideas in them.


The main reasons for my coaching success are:

  • having fun
  • mastering the topic
  • simplicity – the more simple I can make things, the more understanding goalkeepers and coaches will have, which will generate better results
  • extreme attention to details
  • brain based goalkeeper coaching
  • constantly improving and enriching my coaching knowledge



I am always open to new, exciting job opportunities, so if you want to hire me, feel free to contact me!


Did I mention that my job is my passion?!?!?  😉  🙂



For more official presentation of my work, please click here Vanja Radic CV (PDF)


And here you can see small part of my coaching