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Welcome to Handball Goalkeeper Coaching Vanja Radic!



My name is Vanja Radić, and I’m the founder of Handball Goalkeeper Coaching, a place where you can find a lot of useful tips, videos and written articles about handball goalkeeper training.

In addition to creating and making all the educational materials and videos you can find on this website, I also work actively as a professional goalkeeper coach and lecturer.

So far, I have coached and lectured in 14 countries (Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, USA, Hungary, Croatia, Malta, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina).


I was born in Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I have lived in three different countries so far: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Finland.

Since August 2011 I am based in Finland.

I always strive to elevate what’s possible, to catalyze growth in people so that together we could all create new opportunities that can have the greatest impact towards building a better world.

I am a tireless seeker of knowledge.
My attention to detail is extreme and I love to continually learn what’s new about all things I am passionate about.

I enjoy adding a lot of humor and novelty in my coaching. It inspires and motivates me additionally when I am surrounded with happy and smiling people. Also, I believe that Happiness is the true meaning of life, and we all give our best when we are in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.


Handball goalkeeper coaching job is my Passion!

Handball goalkeeper coaching was somehow always at the “margin” without sufficient educational materials. Therefore I was more than motivated to contribute to that part with educational videos and texts published on this web page, on my coaching Facebook page and on my Youtube channel

I am rather always open for new, exciting job opportunities, so if you want to hire me, feel free to contact me!

In conclusion, if you want to check out some of my ideas and creative coaching content, please go to the educational materials in main menu!

For more official presentation of my work, please open this Vanja Radic CV (PDF)


Finally, in this video you can see a small part of my coaching: